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How We Ship

If your trading other shows with me, we just pay the postage to send to the other.  CD's are best sent in an envelope, not a box if that can be avoided to save on shipping.

Do not ship UPS or any other courier service please.
Do not use a buisness for a return address.
Do not label your products.
Do not send Registered Mail.   

Email me for the details as to my preferred location.  

If you are trading blanks, blanks cover all the costs of shipping and packaging.

When We Ship

I don't mind being the one to ship first if I contacted you first, and waiting until  you have had a chance to get my stuff and be sure everything is okay. However I do expect you to ship first if you contacted me first.

However sometimes I will ship before I get your stuff if you contacted me first, then again...sometimes I don't. This is because either I prefer to wait until I get the trade and can check it, or I have other people waiting for their stuff. I also don't have everything mastered yet to new formats, so that also takes time.

If you want to get your stuff possibly sooner, let me know by email when my stuff  has been mailed. I may still wait, but I will at least start recording your stuff so that it is ready to go.

Your Still Waiting...

Completion is subject to picking up items and when my schedule allows, including doing other people's stuff. Also, please allow time for your stuff to get to you,  I do live in Canada eh,  so one must contend with lineups at the border, customs dogs, etc.  However please feel free to email me to find out where I am with your request.

Speaking of customs, some items may not even arrive because of being confiscated, especially by US customs, and shipments can sometimes be lost. I can't help that but I am willing to replace IF I have been notified in a timely manner that you are still waiting for your goods, at least 1 month from shipping. I cannot honor replacement shipping if you contact me any later than 1 month from the date of my email that I am notifying you of shipment.. This only applies to show trades, not blank trade orders, see that site for my replacement policy.


All discs are checked before leaving. I cannot guarantee that - or +, NTSC/;PAL formats will play in your player. That is your responsibility. Try checking the disc in another player. Try recording it to a new format. If you feel that the disc really is a problem, send it back to me so  I can offer a replacement.  If the disc is fine, you will need to trade  again to get your disc back and in a new format (+ or -).



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