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Note: most DVD's are from official DVD's, some are VHS transfers, varying sources:  VHS > DVD

Awakenings > DVD
American Beauty > DVD
The Apostle > DVD
Artificial Intelligience > DVD
Analzae This > DVD
Anna to the Infinite Power > VHS > DVD
A Boy and His Dog  > DVD
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen > DVD
Apt Pupil > DVD
Atlantis: the Lost Continent > DVD
The Applegates VHS > DVD


Babette's Feast > DVD
Battlefield Earth > DVD
The Black Hole > DVD
Baraka > DVD
Born in East LA > DVD (full-screen)
Boycott > DVD
Bowfinger > DVD
Biodome > DVD
Brain Candy  > DVD
Brazil > DVD
Bettlejuice > DVD
Batteries Not Included > DVD
Beautiful Dreamers > VHS > DVD
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls > VHS > DVD
Big Trouible in Little China > DVD
Batman Begins > DVD
Being Light > DVD
Bubba Ho-Tep > DVD
Beavis andButthead do America >DVD


Conquest of the Planet of the Apes > DVD
Contact > DVD
Clockwise > DVD
Clockwork Orange > DVD
Control > VHS > DVD
Carry On Again > VHS > DVD
Crossroads > VHS > DVD
Colussus: the Forbin Project > DVD
Constatine > 2 DVD (1 extras)
Carry on Emmanuele > DVD
Carry on Girls > DVD



Demolition Man > DVD
Dead Man Walking  > DVD
Defending Your Life  > DVD
Dogma  > DVD
The Day After  > DVD (Brazil edition)
Dead Again  > DVD
Deuce Bigalow  > DVD
The Devil and Daniel Webster > VHS > DVD
DeLovely > DVD
Decoys > DVD


Elvira > DVD (full-screen)
Escape from LA > DVD
Edward Scissorhands > DVD
The Eyes of Tammy Faye > DVD
Earth VS the Flying Saucers > DVD


Star Trek: The Final Frontier > DVD
The Full Monty > DVD
Fahrenheit 451> DVD
Funny Farm > DVD
Flatliners > DVD
Far and Away > DVD
Fantastic Planet > DVD
Frankenstein > DVD
Forbidden Planet > DVD
The 4D Man > DVD
Fast Food > DVD
From the Earth to the Moon > DVD
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum > DVD
First Men in the Moon (Wells) > DVD


Godzilla 2000 > DVD
Green Card > DVD
Ghost > DVD
Grey Owl  > DVD
Girl Interupted > DVD
The Gods Must be Crazy: 1 and II > DVD
The Gong-Show Movie > VHS > DVD


The Handmaids Tale > DVD
Holy Man  > DVD
Hearts of Fire > VHS
Hardware Mark 13 > DVD
Hot Shots! > DVD
Hot Shots! Part Deux > DVD
Heaven and Earth > DVD
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy > DVD


The Imposters > DVD
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World > DVD
The Incredible Mr. Limpet > DVD
Invader > DVD
It Came from Beneath the Sea > DVD


James and the Giant Peach > DVD
Johnny Mnemonic > DVD
Journey to the Far Side of the Sun > DVD
Journey to the Center of the Earth > DVD
Jesus of Montreal (English subtitles) > DVD
Jesus of Montreal (English Dialouge)  > DVD
Jason and the Argonauts > DVD
Judge Dredd > DVD


Krippendorf's Tribe > DVD
Krull > DVD
Koyaanisqatsi > DVD
Kundun > DVD


Logan's Run > DVD
Little Buddha > DVD
The Last Temptation of Christ > DVD
The Lawnmower Man > DVD
The Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War > DVD
Lost in Space > DVD
Lord of the Flies > DVD
LA Story > DVD
Love Labour's Lost > DVD
Life of Brian> DVD
Leap of Faith > DVD


Malcom X > DVD
The Mothman Prophecies > DVD
The Mosquito Coast > DVD
Moonraker > DVD
Mission to Mars > DVD
The Messenger > DVD
Mouse Hunt > DVD
Mimic > DVD
Morons from Outer Space > DVD
The Muse > DVD
Mr. Destiny > DVD
Mars Attacks! > DVD
Miss Congeniality > DVD
'Men' > DVD
Moving > DVD
Master of the World > DVD
Men Don't Tell > DVD
Mom and Dad Save the World > DVD
The Martian Chronicles > DVD
Man of La Mancha > DVD
Mysterious Island (Verne) > DVD


The Ninth Gate > DVD
Never Cry Wolf > DVD
Norma Rae > DVD
1941 > DVD
No Such Thing > DVD
The New Age > VHS


O Brother Where Art Thou  > DVD
The Out-of-Towners > DVD


Point Break > DVD
Postcards from the Edge > DVD
The Producers > DVD
Pee-Wee's Big Adventures > DVD
Pray TV > DVD


Q The Winged Serpent > DVD
Quigley Down Under > DVD
The Quick and the Dead > DVD


Roulin Z  > DVD
Raising Arizona > DVD
The  Rocketeer > DVD
Ruthless People > DVD
Really Weird Tales > DVD
Robot Jox > DVD


The Sixth Sense > DVD
Stigmata > DVD
Stuart Saves His Famiily > DVD
Soilder > DVD
Stay Tuned > DVD
 The Serpent and the Rainbow > DVD
The Shadowlands > DVD
Scrooged > DVD
Something Wicked This Way Comes > DVD
Salvation > DVD
Steppenwolf > DVD
Surrender > DVD
The Squeeze > DVD
Solaris Directed By Andrei Tarkovsky > DVD
Saved > DVD
Sadest Music in the World > DVD
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow > DVD


2001: a Space Odyssey > DVD
The Thirteenth Floor > DVD
Tron > DVD
Titan A.E. > DVD
They Shoot Horses Don't They? > DVD
The Talented Mr. Ripley > DVD
Tin Men > DVD
Ticket to Heaven > DVD
To Live and Die in LA > DVD
Threads > DVD (stereo version)
Tremors 1 > DVD
Tremors 4 > DVD
Team America: World Police >DVD
Three Faces of Eve > DVD
This Island Earth > DVD
Tales of the Unexpected > DVD


Unbearable Lightness of Being > DVD


Volunteers > DVD





Zordoz > DVD
Zotz!  > VHS > DVD


200 Motels (Frank Zappa) > VHS >DVD
20 Million Miiles to Earth > DVD


Tragedy in the Holy Land: The Second Uprising > DVD
PBS: Castro > DVD
BBC Power of Nightmares VHS > DVD

Television and Specials

Beatles Cartoons 1 and 2 > VCD > DVD
A Doonesbury Special > VHS > DVD

(Time-Life) MTV's the Best of Beavis and Butthead > 6 DVD's

History of Beavis and Butthead Withdrawn Episodes > 1 DVD

Time Tunnel Volume One: Episodes 1-15 > 8 DVD's

Lost in Space Volume One Season Two > 4 DVD
Lost in Space Volume One Season Three > 4 DVD
Lost in Space Volume Two Season Two > 4 DVD

The Outer Limits Volume One > 8 DVD
The Outer Limits Volume Two > 6 DVD

Gary Shandling 'Alone in Vegas' > VCD
At Home with the Braithwaites: Season 2 Episodes 1, 2, 1 > DVD

Charley Says...The Best Public Information Films in the World VHS > DVD PAL

Talking to Americans (Rick Mercer): VHS > DVD

New Age, World, and Relaxation

Crystal Suite and Summer Wind by Steven Halpern > VHS
Private Music Video Collection > VCD
Real Sanctuary with Hilary Stagg > DVD
Tibet (Mark Isham) > DVD
Kitaro Light of the Spirit > VCD

Poaqqatsi > DVD

Musicals, Classical and Performance

Arthaus Musik Classical Sampler > DVD
See How Great They Sound: The Universal Classics Video Sampler > DVD

Don Giovanni  > DVD
Evita > DVD
Give My Regards to Broad Street > VHS > DVD
Hair > DVD

Aria  Directed By Jean-Luc Godard > DVD 

Religion and Spirituality

The Crusades
Working with Crystals with Uma Silbey
Hildegard Von Bingen from Vision: Roots
The Seach for Satan
Oak Island
Burning Times
Waco: The Inside Story
Secret Heart of Asia/Inside Tibet
Controversial Pastors
Ancient Prophecies
Indiana Jones: Krishnamurti
The Cobra God
Brother Twelve
Exorcisim 20/20
TLC: The Dead Sea Scrolls
TLC: The Great Castles: Carcosan
Jesus Christ: Movie Star
The Gnostics
The Lost Years of Jesus (Bock)
PBS: Fundamentalism
Battle for Souls

Lord of the Universe (Maharaj Ji, Divine Light Mission
also 'Spellbound' with Doug Henning and Maharashi Mahesh Yogi: VHS > DVD


 Elizabeth Clare Prophet

America Talks Back
David Koresh and ECP
ECP on Donahue
Our Community
Climb the Highest Mountain
Welcome to the New Age of Aquarius
Handful of Stars
All About Angels and You: 1
Healing Through the Law of Harmony
Peace Be Still
Freedom of Religion in America
Twin Flames and Soul Mates
The Union of Twin Flames
On God Gratitude: the Law of Increase
The Lost Teachings of Jesus
The Lost Years-Lost Teachings of Jesus
How Every Man Can Realize Christhood
On Dealing wtih Death/Ghost
On Dealing with Death, Discarnates, Spirits/Flatliners I and II
Meditation on the Great Cental Sun/Prophecy/Dictation: Helios
Praise to Shiva: Sacred Songs from the Heart of India
Lecture on Hindu Deities

Movie and Music Media

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