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Important: the (not so fine) print

Check the ratings to make sure you are getting the quality of recording you want. Click Ratings for more details.

Not everything is mastered to new formats or is in ('Coming Soon')  Be prepared to wait or make other choices.

Please do not send something that is unlistenable or unwatchable,  anything less than C- and anything that skips or stutters during playback.  I do reject trades, be prepared to compensate if need be. Please read Shipping for details.

I am in Canada so I use NTSC here. If your DVD is not NTSC, please let me know. However I may still take it if not.

Check Blank Trades section if you have nothing to trade....I may not answer your email if it looks like you have not read my policy.

Please don't hound me for your stuff. Give at least a month for it to arrive, sometimes longer for overseas.

Remember, for blank trade orders, I don't guarantee my discs will make it to you. I can't help what your country's customs may do with the package. I will not offer replacements unless you are sending me a defective disc.  If your worried about your order, keep it small.

Paste full details of your order into the email including:


Then add up the total, and email.

EMail Me

Note: if you want the most up-to-date list, and a zipped list (1 mb) I can email to you.  However please don't send me anything that big, my connection is too slow.


Contact Me


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