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I don't maintain a section of what's new on the site because its too much work, I'm adding shows twice or three times weekly.  One way to find out is to check the Coming Soon's. Otherwise,  take a scan through the pages now and then to see what grabs you. Or use the Search feature in the Site Map page  to find what you are looking for faster. 


Trading Shows for Shows

The purpose of this site is to trade DVD's of my Favourite artists. I may sometimes trade CD's of my Favourite artists but not as often as DVD's.  I may also trade Movies  with other hobbyist music and film lovers such as myself.  The emphasis is on trading live or rare shows not normally available (although I am comfortable offering mainstream releases).

I am especially trading Todd Rundgren, Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music, Renaissance/Annie Haslam, and a whole lot others!

Trading Blanks for Shows

The purpose of this site is to also trade blanks for shows for those who don't have anything to trade. Click on Blank Trades here or on top to get the details.

Once you've made your choices, click Contact Me here, on top of the page, or to the left.

Why Trade?

One trades to get what one doesn't have. One also trades to give others what they don't have. Why pay a bootlegger when you can get what you are looking for at a fraction of the cost? The digital and electronic culture we live in enables us to share our music at minimal cost so it would be foolish not to take advantage of this technology to enhance our lives further.

What this means is that I am usally trading stuff with other traders that is either not commercially available (OOP or out-of-print), is not sold in North America, comes in a format not usually available, comes with little or no artwork, may be a lesser quality than an offical release, may not contain extras as the official release does,  or has been recorded by fans. It is because of these reasons that I find myself in no ethical quandry with music-traders or file-sharers.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay!

Megacalm ("Robert") 

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