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Date: 11-12-80 
Description: live concert
Location: Classic Rock Festival, Munich, Germany
Quality: A-
Format: 1 VCD to DVD
Format: 1 VCD

Time: 30 minutes

Song of Seven
Take Your Time
Some Are Born
I Hear You Know

One More Time
Hear It


I Hear You Now (unknown)

Date: 12-1-80
Description: live concert
Location: Royal Albert Hall, London
Quality: A-
Format: 1 CD

1. Yes medley part 1
(Gates of delirium, Long distance runaround, Wonderous stories)
2. Rejoice
3. Yes medley part 2
(I've seen all good people, The revealing science of God, Nous sommes du soleil)
4. Some are Born
5. Nostalgia
6. Petrushka
7. Far away in Bagaad/Bird song/One more time
8. Hear It
9. Take Your Time
10. Song of Seven


Date: 8-6-82  
Description: live concert
Title: Alone on the Edge
Location: Asbury Park - New Jersey 
Quality: A
Format: 1 CD

(fades in) I've Seen All Good People
Yes Medley: Yours Is No Disgrace/Starship Trooper/Awaken
All In A Matter Of Time
Yes Medley: And You and I, Long Distance Runaround, Heart Of The Sunrise, Close To The Edge
Friends Of Mr Cairo (Live Pittsburgh, June, 1982)
Song of Seven, Take Your Time, Some Are Born (Live German TV, 1981)

Date: 8-6-82 
Description: live concert
Location: Asbury Park - New Jersey 
Quality: A
Format: 1 CD

Radio presentator
I've Seen All Good People
Yes Medley
Yours Is No Disgrace/Starship Trooper/Awaken
All In A Matter Of Time
Yes Medley
Heart Of The Sunrise/Long Distance/Close To The Edge
Friends Of Mr Cairo


Date: 8-25-82
Description: live concert
Location: New Orleans
Quality: B
Format: 2 CD

CD 1 :

1. Ocean song
2. State of independence
3. Song of seven
4. The friends of Mr Cairo
5. Yes medley #1
Close to the edge
6. Heart of the sunrise
7. Wonderous stories
8. And you and I
9. Long distance Runaround
10. Close to the edge reprise
11. Band introduction
12. A play and display of the heart
13. Animation

15. All in a matter of time

CD 2

1. Sancious solo/Soon
2. Yes medley #2
Perpetual change
3. I've seen all good people
Yours is no disgrace
4. Starship trooper
5. Awaken
6. Animation jam
7. Roundabout
8. Olympia
9. Radio interview


Date: 6-3-92
Description: live concert
Location: Budokan
Lineup: Jon and Kitaro
Quality: A
Format: 2 CD

CD 1

1. Opening
2. Anyone can light a candle
3. If it wasn't for love
4. Hajimari
5. Sozo
6. Koi
7. Orochi
8. Lady of dreams
9. Cosmic love
10. State of independence
11. Agreement

CD 2

1. Dream of chant
2. Magical wave
3. Drum ritual
4. Nageki
5.. Reach out
6. Island of life
7. cont
8. There comes a time
9. Song for peace/Sakura sakura/Final statement
10. Italian song


Date: 10-22-92 
Description: live concert
Title: Shared Dream
Location: Radio City Hall, New York
Lineup: Jon and Kitaro
Quality: A
Format: 1 VCD to DVD

Concert, includes, but not limited too:
Anyone Can Light A Candle
If It Wasn't For Love
State of Independence
Hajimari," "Koi," and "Reimei
Lady of Dreams
Peace Symphony

Bonus concert tracks
Music Video: Island of Life (dubbed with new audio)
Interview, tv performance Island of Life

Comments: improved sound. Chapters, no menu.

Date: 3-27-93 
Description: live concert
Location: Pasedena
Quality: B-
Format: 1 VCD to DVD



TV Performance
Anyone Can Light a Candle
We Wish You
Unkown Song

Comments: a bit too shaky with the amateur cam IMO...better to get this as a cd.

Date: 4-16-93
Description: live concert
Location: San Juan
Quality: A
Format: 2 CD

CD One

The book opens
Italian song
Building bridges
Sound and colour
Luis Perez ambient chant
And you and I
Freddy Ramos guitar solo
Spanish song
Eduardo Del Signore bass solo
Bless this

CD Two

Owner of a lonely heart
State of independence
Enter ye the mystery school
I've seen all good people
Sweet religion
One more time


Date: 1975-1982  
Description: studio outakes
Title: Sky and his Shadow
Quality: A
Format:  1 CD

The sky and his shadow
Hear it
All God's children
Flower child
Feel my love flow
Inside your eyes
Secrets of the past
Golden age
Child of the Lord
Two old ladies

Jon Anderson


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