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Date: 1979
Description: live concert
Title: Live at the Hammersmith Odeon
Location: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England
Quality: A
Format:  1 DVD
Format:  1 CD 
Time: 55 minutes

1. Moving
2. Them Heavy People
3. Violin
4. Strange Phenomena
5. Hammer Horror
6. Don't Push Your Foot  On The Heartbrake
7. Wow
8. Feel It
9. Kite
10. James and the Cold Gun
11. Oh England My Lionheart
12. Wuthering Heights


The Sensual World Videos

Description: Kate Bush practicing songs on the piano
Title: Kathy's Home Demos
Quality: B-
Format: 1 CD

1. Babooshka / 2. Kashka From Baghdad / 3. Coming Up / 4. Oh, To Be In Love / 5. Playing Canasta / 6. Snow / 7. Ferry Me Over / 8. Lionhearts / 9. Violin / 10. The Craft Of Love / 11. Queen Eddie / 12. In My Garden / 13. Frightened Eyes / 14. Never The Less / 15. Goodnight Baby / 16. So Soft / 17. I Don't See Why I Shouldn't / 18. Babooshka (Version 2) / 19. The Kick Inside / 20. Hammer Horror / 21. A Rose Growing Old / 22. Keep Me Waiting / 23. Davy / 24. Disbelieving Angel / 25. Don't Push Your Foot On The Heart Brake / 26. Kite / 27. L'amour Looks Something Like You / 28. Strange Phenomena / 29. Really Gets Me Going

1-24: Home demos 1974
25-29: studio outtakes 1975 or???


Description: tv special
Title: Kate Bush Christmas Special
Quality: A
Format:  1 DVD

Christmas Special

Symphony in Blue
Them Heavy People
Here Comes the Flood (Peter Gabriel)
Ran Tan Waltz
December Will Be Magic
The Wedding List
Another Day (with Peter Gabriel)
Man with the Child in his Eyes
Don't Push Your Foot on the Heartbrake

Bonus: TV appearances

Bio's Banhof 2/9/78:     (Kite; Wuthering Heights; Int.)

Saturday Night Live 12/9/78 (as shown on MTV):     (Man With The Child In His Eyes,
Them Heavy People)

Abba Tv Special 21/4/79:     (Wow)

Rockpop 13/9/80:     (Babooshka; Army Dreamers)

Razzmatazz 21/9/82:     (There Goes A Tenner)

Bananas 2/11/82:     (Suspended In Gaffa)

Peter's Popshow 30/11/85:      (Running Up That Hill)

Bpi Awards 10/2/86:     (Hounds Of Love)

Dutch Tv Live Hammersmith 4/79:     (Room For The Life; Strange Phenomena; In The Warm Room; Wuthering Heights)

Countdown Australia 1980
     (Hammer Horror)
Wogan 12/6/89
     (This Woman's Work)
Comments: this is mostly lip-synched throughout, very theatrical. Added in new audio to picture to improve sound of Christmas Special.

Description: compilation 
Title: This Woman's Work 1 (extended)
Quality: A-
Format: 1 CD

1.  The Empty Bullring.
2.  Ran Tan Waltz.
3.  Passing Through Air.
4.  December Will Be Magic Again.
5.  Warm And Smoothing.
6.  Lord Of The Reedy River.
7.  Ne T'En Fui Pas.
8.  Un Baiser D' Enfant.
9.  Under The Ivy.
10. Burning Bridge.
11. My Lagan Love.
12. The Handsome Cabin Boy.
13. Not This Time.
14. Walk Straight Down The Middle.
15. Be Kind To My Mistakes.

Rocket Man
Candle in the Wind

Comments: some rough spots in first track

Description: compilation 
Title: This Woman's Work 2
Quality: A
Format: 1 CD

1.  I'm Still Waiting.
2.  Ken.
3.  One Last Look Around The House Before We Go...
4.  Wuthering Heights(New Vocal)
5.  Experiment IV.
6.  Them Heavy People. #
7.  Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake. #
8.  James And The Cold Gun. #
9.  L'Amour Looks Something Like You. #
10. Running Up That Hill.
11. Cloudbusting,(The Organon Mix).
12. Hounds Of Love,(Alternative).
13. The Big Sky,(Meteorological Mix).
14. Experiment IV,(12" Mix).

Description: live compilation 
Title: This Woman's Work 3
Quality: A
Format: 1 CD

1. Cloudbusting (Video Mix)
2. Eat The Music
(Extended Mix)
3. You Want Alchemy
4. Shoedance (The Red Shoe Dance Mix)
5. Show A Little Devotion
6. Moments Of Pleasure (Instrumental)
7. Home For Christmas
8. Rubberband Girl (Extended Mix)
9. Candle In The Wind (Instrumental)
10. Don't Give Up

Description: live tracks 1978-1987
Title: This Woman's Live Work
Quality: B-/A
Format: 1 CD

1.  Wuthering Heights.
2.  The Man With [The] Child In His Eyes.
3.  Them Heavy People.
4.  Moving.
5.  The Long And Winding Road.
6.  She's Leaving Home.
7.  Room For The Life.
8.  In The Warm Room.
9.  The (Wo)man With The Child In His(Her) Eyes.
10. Symphony In Blue.
11. December Will Be Magic Again.
12. Ran Tan Waltz.
13. Egypt.
14. Another Day.
15. Breathing.
16. The Wedding List.
17. Under The Ivy.
18. Running Up That Hill.
19. Don't Give Up.
20. Let It Be.

Tracks   1-3 from 'Saturday Night Live' US-TV May 1978.
Tracks   4-6 from Japanese-TV, 25th June 1978.
Tracks   7,8 from German-TV, April 1979.
Track      9 Live in London, 12th May 1979, Charity gig with
             Peter Gabriel and Steve Harley.
Tracks 10-14 from a UK-TV Special 28th December 1979,
             with Peter Gabriel on Track 14.
Track     15 UK-TV, 1980.
Track     16 Live in London, 2nd secret policeman's charity gig,
             Pete Townshend on guitar and Phil Collins on Drums October 1982.
Track     17 UK-TV 1985.
Tracks 18+20 Live in London, 28th March 1987. Amnesty international charity
             gig with David Gilmour on guitar and guest vocals.
Track     19 Live in London, 28 June, 1987. Surprise guest appearance at
             a Peter Gabriel gig.


Description: live tracks
Title: This Woman's Work Live
Quality: B-/A
Format: 1 CD

1. Moments Of Pleasure (London, TV Show -93)
2. Running Up That Hill (London, Amnesty International,
3. Let It Be (London, Amnesty International, -87)
4. Don't Give Up (London, Peter Gabriel Concert, -87)
5. Under The Ivy (London, TV Show -85)
6. The Wedding List (London, Second Policeman's Charity Gig, -82)
7. Breathing (London, TV Show -80)
8. Moving (London, Live -79)
9. Violin (London, Live -79)
10. Wow (London, Live -79)
11. James And The Cold Gun (London, Live -79)
12. Oh England My Lionheart (London, Live -79)
13. The Long And Winding Road (Japan, TV Show -78)
14. She's Leaving Home (Japan, TV Show -78)
15. Wuthering Heights (USA, TV Show -78)
16. The Man With The Child In His Eyes (USA, TV Show -78)
17. Them Heavy People (USA, TV Show -78)

Description: duets and work with others
Title: Colloborations
Quality: A-
Format: 1 CD

Sing Children Sing: 1979 charity single with Lesley Duncan
Rainbow Games: b-side
Another Day: live version with Peter Gabriel
The Man with the Child in his Eyes: Live with Peter Gabriel and Stegve Harley
The King is Dead: rare single with Go West
Once: studio track with Roy Harper
Don't Give Up: live version with Peter Gabriel
Let It Be: live version with David Gilmour
Flowers: with New Romantic's Zane Griff, rare single
You (The Game, Part III): studio with Roy Harper
Do Bears: Anmesty Intl gig with Rowan Atkinson  (funny)
The Seer: with Big Country
The Kick Inside:  
(Uncredited at the time, but strongly rumoured to feature Kate. Vocals by Julie Covington. Richard Thompson on guitar)

The Woman's Work: from the John Hughes film, 'She's Having a Baby'

Description:  film with songs
Title: The Cross, the Curve, and the Mirror
Quality: A
Format: 1 DVD

1. Rubberband Girl
2. And So is Love
3. The Red Shoes
4. Lily
5. Moments of Pleasure
6. Eat the Music


The Single File (excerpts)

Hammer Horror
Them Heavy People
Suspended in Gaffa
There Goes a Tenner

The Sensual World
Love and Anger
This Woman's Work

Rocket Man
Rubberband Girl


Description: music videos
Title: The Whole Story
Quality: A
Format: 1 DVD 
Time: 55 minutes

Wuthering Heights
The Man With The Child In His Eyes
Hounds Of Love
Running Up That Hill
Army Dreamers
Sat In Your Lap
Experimental IV
The Dreaming
The Big Sky


'The Sensual World' videos

The Sensual World
Love and Anger
This Woman's WorK

The Single File (excerpts)

Hammer Horror
Them Heavy People
Suspended in Gaffa
There Goes a Tenner


Title: Practice Makes Perfect
Quality: A-
Format: 1 CD

Kashka From Baghdad
 Coming Up (aka Camilla/Surrender Into The Roses)
Oh To Be In Love
Playing Canasta (aka Rinfy The Gypsy/In My Lover's Room)
Snow (aka On Fire Inside A Snowball/Hot In The Ice)
Ferry Me Over (aka Dali)
Lionhearts (aka On The Rocks)
Craft Of Love
Queen Eddie (aka Gay Farewell)
In My Garden (aka Something Like A Song)
Frightened Eyes

Never The Less, You'll Do
So Soft (aka To Be With You)
I Don't See Why I Shouldn't (aka Pick The Rare Flower)
The Kick Inside
Hammer Horror
A Rose Growing Old (It Hurts Me)
Keep Me Waiting (aka Stranded At The Moonbase)
Davy (aka While Davy Dozed)
Disbelieving Angel
Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbreak
L'Amour Looks Something Like You
Strange Phenomena
Really Gets Me Going (aka Scares Me Silly)


Description: television special
Title: The Story So Far
Quality: A
Format: 1 DVD

MTV Special


Description: television specials
Title: Kate Bush TV Appearances 1978 - 1993
Quality: A
Format: 1 DVD

Running up that Hill (live)
Moments of Pleasure
Them Heavy People (live)
Running up that Hill
Man with the Child in his Eyes (live)
Them Heavy People (live)
Hounds of Love
Running up that Hill
The Big Sky
Experiment IV


Moving (live)
The Kick Inside (live)
James and the Cold Gun (live)
Feel It (live)
Kite (live)

Music Video: Delius
The Wedding List (live)
Political Message


Kate Bush


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