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Daniel Lanois
Greg Lake
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Daniel Lanois

Date: 2-8-90
Description: live concert
Location: Royal Albert Hall, London
Quality: B
Format: 2 CD

1. Fisherman's Daughter
2. Julia Louise
3. Still Water
4. Where the Hawk Wind
5. Siliim's Hill
6. Little Sadie
7. Under A Story Sky
8. People Say
9. St. Ann's Gold
10. Ice....x
11. Little Sister
12. Indian Red
13. Mystery Train
14. Waiting for my Man
15. Blackhawk and White Wing Dove
16. Julie and Little John
17. Heartache
18. The Maker - Encore

19. Acadie


Description: documentary with excerpts of performances
Title: Rocky Road
Quality: A
Format: 1 VCD
Time: 55 minutes

Track list: not available

Greg Lake

Date:  11-5-81  
Description: live concert
Title: Greg Lake in Concert on The King Biscuit Flower Hour
Location: Hammersmith Odeon, London/England
Quality: A
Format: 1 CD

Medley - Fanfare For The Common Man/Karn Evil 9
Nuclear Attack
The Lie
Retribution Drive
Lucky Man
Parisienne Walkways
You Really Got A Hold On Me
Love You Too Much
21st Century Schizoid Man
In The Court Of The Crimson King

Level 42

Description: 10-29-83 
Title: Zeche Bochum
Quality: A
Format: 1 DVD (PAL)

Dance on Heavy Weather
Turn It On                                
Love Games
I Want Eyes
Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Micro Kid
Dune Tune
The Sun Goes Down



Description: video collection 
Title: Level 42: The Video Collection
Quality: A+
Format: 1 DVD

01. Love Games
02. The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)

03. Micro-Kid
04. Hot Water
05. The Chant Has Begun
06. Something About You
07. Leaving Me Now
08. Lessons In Love
09. Running In The Family
10. To Be With You Again
11. It’s Over
12. Children Say
13. Heaven In My Hands
14. Take A Look
15. Tracie
16. Take Care Of Yourself


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