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Description: music videos and interviews
Title: All About Us
Quality: A
Format: 1 VCD
Time: 60 minutes

1. Digging in the Dirt
2. Stream
3. Blood of Eden
4. Solisbury Hill
5. Zaar
6. Come Talk to Me

7. Kiss That Frog


Description: tv documentary
Title: South Bank: The Making of Security
Quality: A
Format: 1 DVD

Track list: not availale

Description: compilation 
Title: Steam: B Sides and Rarities
Quality: A/A
Format: 2 CD

01. party man, 02. walk right through the fire, 03. excellent birds, 04. warm doorway, 05. my secret place (w. joni mitchell), 06. shaking the tree (alternate version), 07. no more (artists against apartheid), 08. while the earth sleeps (w. deep forest), 09. love town, 10. out out, 11. strawberry fields forever, 12. Summertime, 13. Suzanne, 14. ain't that peculiar
(disc two) 01. i have the touch, 02. fallen angel, 03. i'm still looking for a home, 04. mercy street (orbit remix), 05. blood of eden, 06. digging in the dirt (rich-e mix), 07. kiss that frog (mindblender mix), 08. games without frontiers (massive db mix), 09. quiet steam, 10. bashi-bazouk, 11. Curtains, 12. across the river


Description: compiliation
Title: Full Moon Club
Quality: A
Format: 1 DVD

Up Tour Diary
- A city-by-city diary from the U.S. 2002
tour. Some hilarious and candid stuff.

The Full Moon Club
- Listen to Up as a work in progress with
some very interesting video commentary
from Gabriel.

The Making of The Barry Williams Show
- A complete documentary on the making
of this video.

All About Up
- The electronic presskit for Up.

Up Tour Program
Up Tour Photos
The Barry Williams Show (promo video)
Growing Up (promo video)

Live on Later with Jools Holland - May 2000
Downside Up
Father, Son
Comments: petergabriel.com collection 2000-2002

Description: music videos   
Title: PG Music Videos and TV Clips
Quality: A
Format: 1 DVD

Music Videos

Secret Place by Joni Mitchell (with PG)
Fallen Angel by Robbie Robertson (with PG)

This is the Picture (with Laurie Anderson)
Come Talk To Me

Unknwn Instrumental
Don't Give Up Version 1 or
Don't Give Up Versoin II

TV Clips

Genesis Italian TV Report on Rome Piper Club April 1972 interview and short clip from Stagnation
Genesis Italian TV Report on Turin,  Palasport Febuary 74
I Don't Remember on Vota La Voce Italian TV 1983
Popcorn Italian TV Febuary 1982 lay_your_hands_shock_the_monkey
SANREMO FESTIVAL FEBRUARY  1983 Shock the monkey
Father Son Quellii che il Calciio Italian TV 10_1_2000

Growing Up_In_Your_Eyes  Later Jools Holland 11_1_2002
Italian TV March 5 2003 Interview and Clips
More Than This' Later Jools Holland 11_1_2002_end
Italian TV March 5 2003 Interview and Clips from previous night

2002/Oct Conan O'Brien "The Barry Williams Show" Perf193
Live on Later with Jools Holland - May 2000
Downside Up, Father, Son

Description: music videos    
Title: Play
Quality: A+
Format: 1 DVD

Father Son
Blood of Eden

Games without Frontiers

I Don't Remember
Big Time
Red Rain
In Your Eyes
Don't Give Up
The Barry Williams Show
Washing of the Water
Kiss That Frog
Mercy Street
Growing Up
Shaking the Tree
Shock the Monkey
The Drop
Solsbury Hill
Digging in the Dirt


Games Without Frontiers (recorded live in 2004)
Modern Love
The Nest That Sailed the Sky

Peter Gabriel


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