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Date: 6-11-2001
Description: live concert
Title:  This is Roxy Music
Location: Glasgow, SECC
Lineup:  Roxy Music
Quality: A
Format: 1 CD

Out Of The Blue
Song For Europe
Oh Yeah
Both Ends Burning
If There Is Something
Mother Of Pearl
Jealous Guy
Editions Of You
Virginia Plain

Do The Strand

Bonus Tracks:

1. Mother of Pearl (Horoscope) 
2. I can't  get startet (unknown)


Date: 9-2-01
Description: live concert
Title: Live at the Apollo
Location: Hammersmith, Odeon 
Lineup:  Roxy Music
Quality: A+
Format:  1 DVD
Format:  1 VHS
Format;  2 VCD
Format:  2 CD

Time:  120 minutes

1. Re-make/Re-model
2. Street Life
3. Ladytron
4.While My Heart is Still Beating
5. Out of the Blue
6. A Song For Europe
7. My Only Love
8. In Every Dream Home a Heartache.
9. Oh Yeah
10. Both Ends Burning
11. Tara
12. Mother of Pearl
14. Avalon
15. Dance Away
16. Jealous Guy
17. Editions of You
18. Virginia Plain
19. Love is the Drug
20. Do the Strand
21. For Your Pleasure


More Than This (Japan)


Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music


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