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Date: 11-8-73
Description:  live concert
Location: Fox Theatre Atlanta
Lineup: Todd Rundgren's Utopia
Quality: A
Format: 1 CD

1. Utopia Theme
2. Don't You Ever Learn?
3. Everybody's Going To Heaven/King Kong Reggae
4. Sons Of 1984
5. Open My Eyes
6. Black Maria
7. The Last Ride
8. Slut mp3 96k 2.49 mb
9. Couldn't I Just Tell You

Bonus Tracks

9. A Dream Goes On Forever
10. Interview
11.  I Saw The Light

(From Skansen Stockholm Fm 1972 British Media Tour). 1972 U.S. Air Force (Good Vibrations From The Us Air Force)

12. Interview
13. Awats Radio Ad
14.  5/18/72 Boston Wmex Interview With Tr


Date: 11-11-73
Description: live studio concert    
Location: Cincinnati Counterpart Studios  Fm Source
Lineup: Todd Rundgren and Musicians
Quality: B
Format: 1 CD

1. I Saw The Light
2. Lord Chancellor's Nightmare Song
3. Hello Its Me
4. Utopia Theme
5. Black Maria
6. Hungry for Love

7. The Ikon (segments


Date: 11-12-73
Description:  live concert
Location: Agora, Columbus Ohio
Lineup: Todd Rundgren's Utopia
Quality: B
Format: 1 CD

Utopia Theme
Dont You Ever Learn?
Ikon Excerpt
Black Maria (cuts in)
Sunset Blvd
Ikon Excerpt
No 1 Lowest Common Denominator
Is It My Name?
Hungry For Love
Ikon Excerpt

Comments: Todd's vocals seem off on this in some places, like he's not even serious about singing. Is he stoned? Probably. Too bad because the performance and sound isn't all that bad. And we've got a few tunes you don't normally hear like Is It and Hungry. Throw in a hip dj and were really jammin'  man. :-)

Todd Rundgren: Music Live


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