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Date: 4-22-87
Description: live concert
Title: Condomania
Location: The DNA Lounge San Francisco
Lineup: Todd Rundgren and friends
Quality: A
Format: 1 CD

Track List

1. Lysistrata
2. You Left Me Sore
3. Song Of The Trojan
4.  Ramses Man
5. Protection
6. Too Hard On
7. Love Of The Condom Man
8. Scum World
9.  Baby Your'e A Ribbed Man
10. Rubber's The Answer
11. The Wheel (Excerpt From Something Else (?)
12.  Love Of The Condom Man (Again?)
13.  Tomorrow Never Knows (Bourgeois Tagg & Todd)


18. The Waiting Game (David Letterman Show 2/15/90)


Date: 8-8-87
Description: live concert
Location: Fairmonut Park, Philadelphia
Lineup: Todd Rundgren
Quality: B
Format: 1 VHS
Format: 1 DVD
Format: 2 CD
Time: 85 minutes

1. Play This Game
2. There Goes My Inspiration
3.  Too Far Gone.
4. Song Of The Viking
5. Mated (cuts out)
6. Love In Action
8. Dont You Ever Learn?.
9. Lost Horizon
10. Ballad of Denny and Jean
11. Hammer in my Heart
12. Mystified
13. The Smell of Money
14. Can We Still Be Friends
15. Compassion
16. Drive
17. Can We Still Be Friends?
18. Drive
19.One World
20. Love Is The Answer
21. The Wheel (cuts out)


Todd Rundgren: Music Live


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