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Dead Can Dance

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Date: 1993
Description: live concert
Title: Toward the Within
Location: Mayfair Theatre, Santa Monica
Quality: A+
Format: 1 DVD 
Format: 1 CD

1. Yulunga
2. Rakim
3. Song of the Sibyl

4. I Can See Now

5. American Dreaming

6. Cantara

7. The Wind that Shakes the Barley

8. I Am Stretched On Your Grave

9. Desert Song

10. Oman

11. Gloridean

12. Tristan

13. Sanvean

14. Don't Fade Away


The Carnival Is Over
The Host of Seraphim
Yulunga (spirit dance)
The Protagonist


Date: 4/30/89 
Description: live concert
Location: Town & Country Club, London, England
Quality: B
Format: 1 DVD 
Format: 1 CD

May include:
1 Requiem

2 The Host of Seraphim
3 Ullyses
4 Leaving
5 Dreams Made Flesh
6 False Gods
7 Sons of Sophia
8 Orbis de Ignis
9 Black Sun
10 Winter
11 Isabella
12 Severance
13 This Drak Land
14 The Visitation
Comments: audience recording, re-mastered sound and menus.

Date: 10-1-93 
Description: live concert
Title: Dark Christ-Mas-Live In Belgium
Location:  Belgium
Quality: A-
Format: 1 CD

Amelia [Sailing the seas], Lost treasure [Oman], Cantara, Ignis factus [Gloridean], Mourner rose, Forest of souls, Severance, Xenophyte [Swans], Karath [Isabella], Empty dreams [Don't fade away], Ichor [Mentionned but not recorded], Yuycinga [Yulunga], Eternath beauty [Persian love song], Garden of refuge [Rakim], The song of the sybil, Crystal palace [Desert song], Angel tears [Tristan+Sanvean]
Comments: a little bit of hiss but still a good recording

Description: compiliation of live and unreleased tracks 
Title: Hidden Treasures
Quality: A
Format: 1 CD

1. Awakening
2. Reached from Above
3. In Power We Entrust the Love Advocated
4. To the Shore
5. Alone
6. Pray for Dawn
7. Lartomento
8. The Night We Were Lost
9. Lyndra
10. Isabella
11. Time for Sheba
12. Cyndrill
13. The Serpent's Army
14. They Donn't Even Cry
15. Eyeless in Gaza
16. The Endless Longing of Sea Doves


Date: 1990 
Description: live concert
Title: Gothic Sleens
Location:  Germany
Quality: A
Format: 1 CD

1. Out of a Serpent's Egg
2. Song of A Sophia
3. Fuawlop
4. Song of a Sybil
5. Spleens
6. Arabian Gothic
7 Cantara
8. ?
9. Lilian Colours
10. End of a Circle
Bonus 3 tracks


Date: 4/7/05 
Description: live concert
Location: London Forum, London, UK
Quality: B
Format: 1 DVD PAL
Format: 2 CD

1. Nierika
2. Saffron
3. Yamyinar
4. Mr. Lovegrove
5. That Love That Can Not Be
6.The Lotus Eaters
7. Crescent
8. Minus Sanctus
10.  The Wind That Shaks the Barley
11. Hoe Fortunate the Man with None
12. Dreams Made Flesh
13. I Can See Now/American Dreaming
14. Sanvean
15. Rakim
16. Black Sun
17.  Salems Lot
18. Yulunga
19. Severence
20. Hymn for the Fallen
Comments: audience recording

Dead Can Dance


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