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Sounds Alive Music and Concert

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Title:  Remember the Future
Description: music videos
Quality: A+
Format: 1 DVD

1. Sadeness (Part 1) [4:10]
2. Mea Culpa [4:06]
3. Principles Of Lust [3:31]
4. The Rivers Of Belief [4:28]
5. Return To Innocence [4:55]
6. The Eyes Of Truth [5:30]
7. Age Of Loneliness (Carly's Song) [4:12]
8. Beyond The Invisible [4:37]
9. T.N.T. For The Brain [4:01]
10. Gravity Of Love [3:55]
11. Push The Limits [3:51]
Short Documentary


Earth, Wind, and Fire

Date: 1990
Description: live concert
Title: Live in Japan
Location: Toyko Dome, Japan
Quality: A+
Format: 1 DVD
Format: 2 CD

System Of Survival
Get Away
Shining Star
Kalimba Tree
After The Love Is Gone
For The Love Of You
Brazilian Rhyme
Let's Groove

The Way Of The World.

Electric Light Orchestra

Description: live concert
Title: Zoom Tour Live
Location: CBS Television City Los Angelas
Lineup: Jeff Lynne - Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Richard Tandy - Piano, Keyboards
Rosie Vela - Vocals
Marc Mann - Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals, Cello Arrangements
Gregg Bissonette - Drums, Vocals
Matt Bissonette - Bass, Vocals
Peggy Baldwin - Cello
Sarah O'brien - Cello
Quality: A+
Format: 1 DVD
Format: 2 CD

1. Program Start; Do Ya
2. Evil Woman
3. Showdown
4. Strange Magic
5. Livin` Thing
6. Alright
7. Lonesome Lullaby
8. Telephone Line

9. Turn to Stone
10. Just for Love
11. Easy Money
12. Mr. Blue Sky
13. Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
14. One Summer Dream
15. Tightrope
16. State of Mind
17. Can`t Get It Out of My Head
18. Moment in Paradise
19. 10538 Overture
20. Ordinary Dream
21. Shine a Little Love
22. Don`t Bring Me Down
23. RoIl Over Beethoven


Date: 1974
Description: live television concert
Title: Fusion starring ELO
Quality: A-
Format: 1 VCD

Including Day Breaker, Showdown, Day Tripper, Can't Get It Out of my Head, Strange Magic, Ma ma Belle, Roll Over Beethoven (tentative)
Comments: a bit of vhs tape flutter, good picture and performance


Description: music videos with interviews on vhs
Title: The Video Collection
Quality: A+
Format: 1 DVD

1. Orinoco Flow
2. Evening Falls
3. Storms in Africa
4. Exile
5. Caribbean Blue
6. How Can I Keep From Singing
7. Book of Days
8. The Celts
9. Anywhere Is
10. On My Way Home
11. Only If
12. Only Time
13. Wild Child

and Interviews (vhs



Date: 1/76
Description: live concert
Title: Crazed and Snake-Eyed
Location: Sydney, Australia
Lineup: with Joe Walsh, guitar
Quality: B+
Format: 1 CD

Take It Easy
One of These Nights
Turn to Stone
Outlaw Man
You Never Cry Like a Lover
Midnight Flyer
Already Gone
Tequila Sunrise
Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Witchy Woman
Take it Easy II



Date: 12-14-03
Description: Much Music Headquarters, Toronto
Title: Live and Much Music
Quality: A
Format: 1 DVD

Countdown to Evenscence (dvd only)
Live and Much Music
Billboard Awards

Brian Eno

Description: ambient videos originally exhibited in art installations
Title: Brian Eno: 14 Video Paintings
Quality: A+
Format: 1 DVD

Thursday Afternoon
Colour Bar
Mistaken Memories of Mediaeval Manhattan


Sounds Alive Music and Concert



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